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Since 2008, Sempris Financial has been developing a payments platform for the consumer, merchant and large enterprise. The end product will be a payments platform that will service not only domestic transactions, but allow users to have the ability to transact internationally :


Features and Benefits


Leveraging the best of Open Source to reduce development and deployment costs, without sacrificing security.


PCI compliant services. Only the strongest security processes are deployed to our cloud application. No sensitive card or account information is maintained on our servers for hackers and fraudsters to steal.


Hardened application code and database to protect sensitive information from unauthorized persons.


Use of strong authentication technologies, multifactor authentication technologies, One Time Passwords (OTP), device identification, and the latest in fraud scrubbing to prevent fraudsters from steal sensitive information. Your protection is our primary concern.


The ability to be highly flexible in or design principles so that we can dynamically adapt to the ever changing rules, regulations, compliance, standards and payment methods in the marketplace without having to radically redesign the underlying code of our payment services.


Utilized the power and uniformity of XML to allow the user to define each aspect of the systems configuration.


Powerful user defined financial content and reporting via Web 2.0 technologies.


Robust accounting and export capabilities to any file format.


Dynamic import ability to any accounting platform a complete accounting solution via our accounting package interface.


Custom reports based on user requirements, not just transaction data alone. Our reports are XML driven and configured via external files, which allows us to customize reporting for each client.


Connectivity to multiple bank hosts for clearing and settlement. If a bank or clearinghouse has web connectivity, we can securely access its systems using 128bit SSL.


Our transaction processing systems are based on cloud architecture, meaning our ability to support transactions is limited only by the resources from the cloud service. This is effectively unlimited.


We have created a high performance, extensible, standards compliant money transfer engine. Our system is scalable and extensible. We can integrate easily with existing tools through our open-api and xml-based interface.


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